Everything You Need to Know About Men's Loafers

man's legs wearing a loafer to show what are Men's loafers
Loafers form a great variety of shoes and shoe styles. They can be casual shoes and they can be formal ones that match your formal outfits. In other words there they are essential to you and your style.
In this article, you will learn what they are, what their different types are, and how to choose the best of them for you.


The Definition of Loafers

As a "low shoe," a loafer leaves the ankle uncovered and does not tightly surround it as a regular high heel does. Dress pants or slacks are frequently used with this kind of shoe. Although they are now used formally, they are typically thought of as casual footwear..

Loafers often have a soft leather upper and a sole that is either smooth or textured. While some types don't have elasticized sides, some do.

Although some designs contain an opening near the toe, loafers are generally closed-toe footwear.


Characteristics of Loafer Shoes

Loafers are slip-on footwear, thus unlike Oxfords and Derbies, they lack a lacing system. However, loafers come in a broad range of structures, making it difficult to classify them.

They may have a seam (apron) on the top of the vamp. This may be a functional component of the shoe's structure or only decorative elements.

They also frequently come with a saddle, which is a decorative leather strap or a metallic item like a horsebit.


Top 5 Must-Have Types of Loafers

1. Penny Loafers

The classic penny loafer combines basic elegance with enduring ease and is comfy, conventional, and classic. Despite having its roots in the 1930s, this fashionable slip-on didn't fully catch on until the 1950s.

Some people claim that the name of the shoes came from youngsters inserting coins into the slots in them. Others claim that is merely a myth.

The penny loafer continues to be a flexible, adjustable, and simply gorgeous shoe. It is commonly available in dark colors including espresso, burgundy, black, and brown. And you can customize your own collection of penny loafers using our 3D design tool.1

The scale of Formality: Casual/Semi Formal/Smart Casual
Stylistic Characteristics: Strap running horizontally across the top of the loafer
Day-to-Day Use: Yes
Season(s): Fall, Spring, Summer


2. Tassel Loafers

There is no arguing that the footwear was and continues to be a huge success.

This fashionable essential, which comes in suede or leather, reflects a European taste and offers a vintage flair.

The scale of Formality: Casual/Smart Casual
Stylistic Characteristics: Tassel affixed to the top of the loafer
Day-to-Day Use: Yes
Season(s): Fall, Summer


3. Driving Loafers

The driving loafer's distinctive pebbled outsole gives it an extra level of practical stability.

With its casual ease and summery design, this loafer is a wonderful addition to any man's collection, racecar driver or not.

These are the loafers you should pick up to keep by the front door in case you need to rush out to the store.

The scale of Formality: Casual
Stylistic Characteristics: Pebbled rubber outsole, laces on top
Day-to-Day Use: Yes
Season(s): Spring, Summer


4. Kiltie Loafers

What was once considered an old man's shoe has now made a comeback as a wardrobe need for every smart man.

The kiltie or kilt loafer, sometimes seen as the odd one out among casual fans, is actually the one to own for the loafer expert.

The fact that your grandfather wore them doesn't change the fact that they are the perfect example of what a loafer ought to be.

Tassels are a useful feature that shields the instep and prevents snagging of the laces. For the fall, wear the kilties with a beautiful coat, fitting pants, or suit pants.

The scale of Formality: Casual/Semi Formal
Stylistic Characteristics: Kilt-style finishing on top of the loafer
Day-to-Day Use: Yes
Season(s): Fall


5. Horsebit Loafers

The horsebit loafer is distinguished by a top strap made of golden metal that resembles a horse's snaffle.

They also altered the lining and changed the color from brown to black, popularised by Gucci. Gucci's interference led to an upsurge in popularity. American power players adopted the Gucci men's loafers as a trademark.

The horsebit loafer has a relatively vintage vibe, yet it gives a classy, appearance to it today.

The scale of Formality: Casual/Semi Formal/Smart Casual
Stylistic Characteristics: Buckle across the top of the loafer
Day-to-Day Use: Yes
Season(s): Spring, Summer


Loafers Are for Every Occasion 

 As you can see, they can be worn on several occasions and they fit all seasons even if they tend to have a summery look more.

ADORSI's collection of chic loafers can also help you to decide on your favorite style and to create your own pair of loafers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do I wear with loafers?

We recommend smart casual outfits. It fits loafers the best and they reflect both simple and classy styles.

Smart casual tends to be smarter than it is casual so make sure that you don't miss that. Penny loafers are the most versatile loafer and are generally a joker. You can fit them with so many things


2. Are loafers and slip-on shoes the same?

The answer to this is that Slip-on is the genus, and loafer is a species. So, you can consider any kind of shoes that can be worn by only slipping on without the help of a lacing system or anything a slip-on.

Loafers on the other hand refer more to the design of the slip-on. They have an open ankle laceless design and they're called so because they resemble bread loaves.


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