Goodyear Welt: The Construction

At ADORSI, we use the Goodyear Welt method to produce all of the shoes and loafers. Goodyear Welt technology has been used for hundreds of years in high-quality products.

With a Goodyear welt, you get a durable, attractive look for your shoes. You don't need to worry about repairing them because they're easy to replace.


Quality Heritage

Taking pride in the pioneering sewing method Charles Goodyear invented around a century ago, we go the extra mile with this revolutionary method to create ever-lasting high-end shoes.

Our handcrafted shoes require an average of at least 30 steps per shoe design (and sometimes even more) and are made by over 60 master craftsmen, including everything from the initial design phase to the final finishing touches.


ADORSI's Goodyear Welted Soles

Our collection of Goodyear Welted soles comes in various styles and colors from the finest quality natural calfskin.

As a true gentleman, you deserve to wear what makes you both confident and relaxed. That's why we use soft calfskin leather to ensure you are enjoying the utmost comfort while wearing the perfect sole to your soul.


1. Calfskin Leather Goodyear Sole

Our loafers feature a beautiful patina finish which gives them a unique look and feel. They're made from premium quality materials including soft calfskin and handcrafted Goodyear welted soles.

Unlike synthetic soles that can leave feet sweaty during prolonged wear, our natural soles are aesthetically pleasing and provide protection for your feet against bacteria and unwanted smells. They're also water-resistant and more durable in the long run, making your footwear last for a lifetime.


2. Dainite Rubber Goodyear Sole

When it comes to walking comfort and style no matter your occasion, nothing can compare to the ultimate in luxury — the Daninite rubber Goodyear sole from ADORSI.

A gentleman knows a Dainite sole when he wears it! This kind of soles is exceptionally durable and insulates your feet well from cold weather. It’s especially useful for people who often go outside or into extreme conditions.


ADORSI's Dainite Rubber Sole Footwear

1. Leather & Rubber Combination Soles

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional rubber soles, our Goodyear welted leather and rubber combination offers both the look and feel of real rubber, without sacrificing traction.

By tweaking our stitching method, you get better welts with the added benefit of being able to offer them at lower prices than ever before so that you enjoy the uniqueness that you deserve.


2. Rubber Buttons Soles

Identified by their rubber buttons, these types of soles come in different styles. They're every gentleman's classic and are easily spotted by their distinctive designs featuring broguing on the sides, heels, toes of the shoes, and the cap. 


3. Rubber Mountains Sole

Dressing like a gentleman doesn't mean you'll have to skip adventures. The outsole is completed with commando rubber that provides you with a good footing and a racing look.

With the natural leather of the Rubber Mountain Sole from ADORSI, comfort will follow you wherever you go, day in; night out.


4. Vibram Rubber Wedge Sole

Our rubber sole shoes are made for every type of runner and walker who prefers comfort without sacrificing elite-level support. You can wear this sole on every occasion, whether it's on or off duty!

Enduring, and extremely comfortable, the Vibram sole from ADORSI makes the best choice for you if you want to go running, walking, hiking, and even climbing.

If you're looking for a more classic option, our gorgeous Laced Kiltie Loafer Andalusian is made from fine soft Croco patterned leather, handcrafted, and features a lacing detail for an updated take on classic loafers.

The square toe and rubber outsole make this loafer a gentleman's pick when it comes down to elegance with utmost durability.

As more men like you have become more and more into uniquely, customized shoe options that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, our Vibram sole has become a must-have item in every active gentleman's wardrobe.


5. Honey Crepe Sole

The Honey Crepe Sole from ADORSI is every gentleman's favorite pick for a sneaker-like comfort. It's a textured, natural, and eco-friendly material. It also comes in different designs to suit your unique style. 

This sole stands, clean and sober; an expression of simplicity, sophistication, and grace for every gentleman looking to wear a true masterpiece that stands out from the crowd and shines so brightly. 


Customizing Your Own Shoes

Our journey doesn't stop here; as gentlemen, we understand and relate to your desire to let your uniqueness rise and shine. Your shoes should never be perceived as just shoes; they're an unmatched expression of who you are and how you define yourself amid the crowd. 

At ADORSI, we let you customize the design of your shoes with our 3D Shoe Design Tool, from the soles to the accessories, so that you can come up with a masterpiece that represents you and your unique lifestyle. 

Handcrafted in Spain, we're rooted in the attitude of ethically making footwear masterpieces from eco-friendly, premium material, while making them accessible to every gentleman with elite taste, and at affordable prices.  

Our guarantee is this: No matter your shoe size or width and wherever you are, you'll always receive at your door the sole that perfectly fits your soul, without any shipping fees. And if it doesn't fit, we'll remake you one that does, for free. 

Only you can forge your own path. It's time to choose for yourself.



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